Red Riding Hood & the Wolf

Friday 16 March 2018

Devonshire Park Theatre

Time for bed. Tuck yourself in. This is where Robyn’s story begins. How can they expect her to sleep at a time like this? She takes a book and starts to read. But she can’t relate to Red Riding Hood, sugar and spice and all things nice. There are two sides to every tale, and that is not how this one goes! What if the Big Bad Wolf wasn’t big or bad at all? What if they got it wrong?

Robyn wants to tell you what really happened through a world of homemade make-believe.

And here is where our story starts.
A gentle wolf with a broken heart…
The Wolf is isn’t big or bad, in fact he’s rather shy.
He won’t gobble up your Grandma, he’s an all-round nice guy.
Enjoy a new spin on this classic story – about two misfits who just want to fit in.

Red Riding Hood Eastbourne

Times & Prices

2pm & 4.30pm

Under 16s £11

School groups £9 each, plus 1 teacher free in every 10 students. To book call Box Office on 01323 412000

Price inclusive of £1 per ticket booking fee

Additional Info

Recommended Age 7+ 

Running time 50 minutes including interval

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Red Riding Hood & the Wolf

Devonshire Park Theatre