Devonshire Park Theatre

Bella Manningham is a woman on the edge. She hears footsteps in the night, pictures are moving by themselves and the gaslights in the drawing room dim and flicker without so much as a touch. Her husband is constantly disappearing. He tells her she may be losing her mind and she starts to believe him… As her grip on reality begins to slip, she finds herself in the middle of a terrifying mystery.

Patrick Hamilton’s Gaslight is the stuff of legend. From its first staging 1938, through the 1944 film starring Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer, to lending its name to a legal term in present UK law, this classic Victorian thriller echos through the ages.


Bella Manningham - Lucy Jane Quinlan

Jack Manningham - Robin Simpson

Rough - Ian Kirkby

Elizabeth - Janine Mellor

Nancy - Katy Dean

If you like ‘An Inspector Calls’ and ‘The Woman In Black’, then you’ll really enjoy ‘Gaslight’.

It is a tense, atmospheric thriller that will play on your mind long after the show is over.

Paul B, EBT Ambassador

One could be forgiven for forgetting its age, particularly with the themes at its heart.  It would not be out of place on current streaming platforms, but of course it was a greater thrill and chill to watch in the intimate setting of live theatre.

Highly enjoyable thriller, tense at times, delivered by a small talented cast.

EBT Ambassador, Amanda R

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