London Philharmonic Orchestra: Romantic Journeys

Congress Theatre
London Philharmonic Orchestra: Romantic Journeys

Mendelssohn Symphony No. 3 (Scottish)
Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3

Patrick Hahn conductor
Tom Borrow piano

On a summer evening in Edinburgh, amid the ruins of Holyrood Castle, the young Felix Mendelssohn imagined the first notes of his ‘Scottish’ Symphony. It’s all there in the music, and in the hands of guest conductor Patrick Hahn, it’ll spring vividly to life: highland mists, warring clans, and melodies as heady as a single malt. And then comes the piece they call the ‘Everest of Piano Concertos’, a concerto so overwhelming (and so romantic) that even Rachmaninoff himself had to practise twice as hard before playing it. But our soloist Tom Borrow is the kind of young artist who makes anything seem possible.

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