Murdered To Death

Devonshire Park Theatre
Murdered To Death

An hilarious spoof in the best Agatha Christie tradition, with an assembled cast of characters guaranteed to delight: Bunting the butler, an English Colonel with the prerequisite stiff upper lip, a shady French art dealer, the high class debutante, bumbling local inspectors and a well meaning local sleuth who seems to attract murder - they’re all here, and all caught up in the side-splitting antics which follow the mysterious death of the owner of a country manor house.

Will the murderer be unmasked before everyone else has met their doom, or will audiences die laughing first?

“There was a party, talk of a dinner, a murder or maybe two and a cast of excellent comedy actors. Murdered to Death was a GREAT evening out!”                          

Left Lion

“...from the start to the OTT dénouement, this second play in Colin McIntyre's Classic Thriller Season, is seriously entertaining entertainment. It would be a crime to miss it.”

Nottingham Evening Post

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