Devonshire Park Theatre

Join us for an Easter family extravaganza, Rapunzel: A Tangled Hairy tale!

Brought to you by the team behind last Easters wonderful Little Mermaid and the legendary Devonshire Park Theatre pantomime join the hilarious Tom Swift as Joey the Jester, Ant Payne as Silly Billy and full supporting cast, we promise side-splitting moments and non-stop entertainment from start to finish.

Carli Norris (EastEnders) stars as Horrabella the Witch, Lewes Roberts (Beauty and the Beast) is the dashing Finn Strider with Georgia Rowland-Elliott (Little Mermaid) as long-haired heroine Rapunzel.

Get ready to embark on a whimsical journey following the adventures of Rapunzel, the long-haired princess, as she navigates her way through a world of fun, laughter and magic. With a blend of comedy, music, and fairy tale charm come along for this laugh-out-loud family adventure.

Rapunzel Show Trailer

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