Vagabond Skies

Devonshire Park Theatre
Vagabond Skies

New for 2024, the  UK premiere of Vagabond Skies – The Van Gogh Musical will be staged at the Devonshire Park Theatre. This epic production sees the World Premiere of this stunning show. Written by the local creative team of Tony Norman and Mark Edwards this new musical tells the turbulent story of Vincent’s life as a troubled painter. Today he is seen as a genius, but during his life he was ignored and  dismissed as a madman.

The musical took a long time to complete,” says Tony. “When writing about the world’s best loved painter, you must be sure you’re telling his story as honestly as you can.”

Research trips to Amsterdam, Paris and Provence were all vital in forming a clear picture of Vincent’s troubled life. His frequent letters to his brother Theo give a fascinating insight into his many moods. Vincent’s own words are woven into the lyrics of his story as Vagabond Skies unfolds.

Vincent longed to be married and have children, but those dreams never came true. He did have intense love affairs, as the musical reveals, but they never lasted. He was lonely, poor and misunderstood. But for the last ten years of his life he never gave up on his burning ambition to be a respected artist. He was supported in this by his loving brother Theo. The close bond between the brothers is a central theme.

Vagabond Skies is filled with beautiful songs and outstanding musical arrangements. It travels through waves of emotion. Love. Passion. Inspiration. Anger. Join us on this colourful journey inspired by the artist’s amazing life. An emotional roller coaster set against a stunning digital backdrop of world famous masterpieces.

When Vagabond Skies has its premiere in Eastbourne, audiences will find themselves immersed in the world of Van Gogh, his artwork will fill the stage in a way never seen before.

This truly exciting piece of theatre is an experience you will never forget.