Interview with Joe Pasquale playing Frank Spencer

Joe Pasquale on being Frank Spencer, living dangerously and a naughty on-stage habit…

What can people expect from the stage show of Some Mothers Do ‘Av ‘Em?

Proper family comedy that is set in the 70s and is so funny that you will laugh solidly for two hours.

In the original TV series there were a lot of crazy stunts. How about the stage show?

I’m doing it all – hanging by my ankles, chicken chasing and all sorts. If it’s not dangerous or life threatening I’m not interested anymore.

Michael Crawford is inexorably linked with the character of Frank Spencer. Will you be imitating his performance?

No. That would be an insult to Michael. I will be projecting my own personality on to the role. When we did the final workshop we had an invited audience. All the younger people didn’t know the show or have a frame of reference with Michael, but they laughed their socks off. Even the older people who remember the original forgot Michael doing it in within five minutes – the script is so good.

Do you find touring life tiring?

Touring in Some Mothers will be a lot easier than my stand-up show, when a tour is usually forty one-nighters. A week in one place will be like a holiday.

Got any nicknames?

Sarah Earnshaw who plays Frank’s wife Betty calls me The Unstoppable Moron.

What’s your most unappealing habit?

I am terrible for farting onstage.

What’s your philosophy for life?

Feel the fear and do it anyway. You’re a long time dead; you might as well live while you can.

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